The Latest iPhone 8 Leaks Reveal Dramatic Redesign And A Long-Awaited Feature

With the tenth anniversary of iPhone being this year, many of us are expecting a big redesign with new features - that is exactly what the “best Apple analyst on the planet” has said. Finally, late to the party, wireless charging will be coming to Apple’s smartphone this year.

Foxconn Technology Group, the manufacturing plant responsible for building the iPhone in New Taipei City, Taiwan is making wireless charging modules to fit into Apple’s next smartphone - eliminating the need for a power cord.

“But whether the feature can eventually make it into Apple’s updated devices will depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on,” the industry source told Nikkei.

Now, to do wireless charging on a phone, you’ve got to take into account the increased amount of heat dissipated from the module. The next iPhone will have an additional graphite sheet laminated on, to prevent any overheating.

But this isn't the only likely rumoured upgrade to the eighth iPhone, and trust me when I say it gets interesting…

It is also rumoured there will be a curved edge-to-edge OLED display in one of the three models (not two this time), whilst the remaining two will have standard LCD panels. These models will come in the following sizes - 4.7 inches, 5 inches and 5.5 inches.

But wait, with a edge-to-edge screen, that means they won’t have any room to fit a home button? Well, they’ve thought about that too as a recently awarded patent describes technology that enables the phone to scan fingerprints from anywhere on the device’s screen.

All of this would make the home button obsolete, leaving an almost Black Mirror-esque panel of display.

What do you want to see from the next iPhone? The return of the headphone jack? New camera technology? Shoot off in the comments below!