This Zelda Fan Controls His House With An Ocarina

Forget everything you knew about smart homes and the Legend of Zelda… One particular fan has managed to create a home automation system that is controlled by playing the Ocarina.

So how did he pull this off? Well, it’s an impressively complicated build using a Raspberry Pi-based system, connected to a microphone that is stuck in a tube emblazoned with a certain logo many Zelda fanatics will recognise.

A variety of tunes from the game are programmed into the system and matched to certain actions around the house - such as unlocking the front door, watering the plants, turning up the thermostat. 

But don’t worry about needing to be close to the original system, because these wifi-enabled modules are spread throughout the house - meaning you can play your ocarina anywhere and get stuff done.

Serious fans only for something like this. I know many of you casuals who would probably mix up the songs and cause chaos around the house.