Amazing ‘BrightSign’ Smart Glove Translates Sign Language To Speech

Giving a voice to the voiceless, PhD student Hadeel Ayoub has invented a smart glove that translates sign language into speech in real-time.

Using an array of sensors built into each finger, the program created by Hadeel processes the movements recorded into text, which is shown via a screen on the back and said out loud via a speaker on the back. 

Not only did this win an Artificial Intelligence Hackathon in Seoul, South Korea, it’s one of the few items at this year’s Wearable Technology Show that actually seemed useful!

Of course, if you are a regular reader of New Rising Media, you’ll know this isn’t the first time we’ve spoken about BrightSign here… In fact, this work dates all the way back to October 2015, which is still a bloody good read for context.

The technology has moved on a lot since then, with the display and sensors receiving an upgrade. But Hadeel’s mission remains the same - bring a consumer model to market and help millions of speech-disabled people with their daily communication.