10 Superhero Games You Need To Play Right Now

Superheroes - perfect for video games, right? Well...

The spectrum of titles out there lean somewhat towards the bad. For every good game, you get ten terrible ones – from Aquaman to Silver Surfer.

But think about it… When a superhero game gets it right, it’s a beautiful memory that sticks with you as a jewel in the crown of your past gaming bliss.

Superhero video games are amongst some of the most memorable experiences you have, and their success has led to an explosion of online casino games too - keeping the more mature players who loved the games of old hooked to their favourite heroes.

I will always remember playing the games below for the first time, and maybe you do too!

So, in no particular order, here are ten of them that you need fire back up and play right now.


1.     Spider-Man – Playstation 1.

Where it all began on Playstation for our web slinger. Basic in construction, but great in gameplay and sparking the imagination!

2.     Spider-Man 2 - Playstation 2.

Not much needs to be said about this classic… A free-roaming Spider-Man game. You got to explore New York City and catch criminals as the swinging superhero!

3.     Batman: Arkham Knight.

Amazing combat set pieces in a impeccably created world, which delivers the real dread and mystery that Arkham Asylum needs. This dark tale of combat against The Joker is impeccable.

4.     Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes.

The makers of Street Fighter had an idea - what if they faced their characters off against the faces of Marvel comics? The result was an incredible fighting game.

5.     LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

All the madness of a LEGO game, set in the universe of Marvel - all with the aim to sell you more Marvel LEGO, which turns out to be a rather hilarious game.

6.     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time.

The difficulty can make this game frustrating as hell, but this SNES Turtle-tastic classic is Arcade-gaming greatness.

7.     Earthworm Jim.

Based on one of my favourite childhood cartoons, Earthworm Jim was an incredible side-scroller on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive!

8.     Infamous: Second Son.

Not directly based on a superhero you know, but with all the traits you know and love - this particular PS4 title made for fun crime-busting romp.

9.     Deadpool.

He’s the hero video games deserve, but not the one it needed in Wolverine… A pitch perfect parody to the many tropes of this gaming niche.

10. Viewtiful Joe.

Way back in 2003, this rather unknown side scrolling beat-em-up introduced the world to a superhero that loved the movies. This incredible cell-shaded game brought brilliant combat and amazing style.


Special Mention

When it comes to sweeping statements such as the above, we need an exception that proves the rule, and there is one super-hero they never got right – Superman. Every hero in the list above has (or will probably) suffer from a dud, that would be a game that has failed to impress.

These just make the times developers succeed even more fruitful. But there is one hero that has not received this success, no matter how many games… That would be Superman.

While his online casino games can be addictive, his video games are most certainly not! Whether it’s Superman on the NES, Superman 64 or Man of Steel, the scoreboard doesn’t look good for this particular crusader.