Modders Are Making The Original Tomb Raider Playable In Your Web Browser

Remember the classic Tomb Raider? Well, a group of hackers are working to help you relive your childhood with a version of the original that works in your browser!

That’s right – called OpenTomb, this open source Github project is working to bring the first five Tomb Raider games to an internet near you. But this feat is significantly more difficult than you think…

The team requested the original source code from Eidos multiple times, but never got a response. This meant they had no choice but to completely rebuild the games from the ground up.

“The older engine gets, less chance it'll become compatible with further systems,” they wrote on their website. “But in case of OpenTomb, you can port it to any platform you wish.”

No updates on when any levels will be available to play, but there is one you can try – The City of Vilcabamba. Give it a go!

Fingers crossed they don’t get sued…