This Lonely Engineer Built His Own Robot And Married It

Whoever said you can’t manufacture love clearly doesn’t have experience in robotics… Meet 31-year-old artificial intelligence expert Zheng Jiajia, who built and married his own female humanoid.

Tired of his lack of love, this former employee of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei got to work – leaving the company in 2014 and joining the incubation centre known as Dream Town.

After two years of work, Yingying was born and he married it in a “simple ceremony” on Friday, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

So what can this robotic beauty do? Well, it’s capability is fairly simple – being able to say a few words, and identify Chinese characters and images.

It’s fair to say he married her for her constructed looks – dressed in a black suit with white strappy heals and her head covered by a red scarf (the ritual dress of a Chinese wedding ritual).

But Zheng’s not stopping the rate of innovation with his wife, as he plans to upgrade the 66-pound humanoid with the ability to walk and assist with household chores – since that’s what all married women do apparently…

And before you decry the destruction of the sanctity of marriage, it’s not entirely legal. According to The Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China, the choice of whom you wed is “a marriage system based on the free partners.” While Zheng argues this extends to the consent of this coupling, it’s a bit of stretch. Add to this the fact that marriage is not allowed before “the woman has reached 20 years of age,” and Yingying was technically “born” in late 2016, he doesn’t stand a chance…

Here’s to the happy marriage, though!