Here Is What The Earth Will Look Like In 2050, According To Experts

It’s the question we always ask ourselves, and one this blog’s sole purpose is to answer - what does the future look like? Well, Kaspersky has chosen to visualise our future with an interactive map called Earth 2050.

Think of it as Google Street View meets a time machine… Users can explore different cities around the world and see what they look like in 2030, 2040 and 2050. Predictions have been made by experts at Kaspersky, random website visitors and futurologists (I want that title).

And just like any grand vision of the future Earth, predictions vary wildly from the logical and believable (the homes we live in will be forever stocked with amenities, so we never need to go outside and fresh water is sourced only from Antarctica - the last place on Earth with drinkable H2O), to the ambitious and baffling (skyscrapers will be 50km tall and toilets will perform an analysis of our poop).

But don’t expect what you see to all be quirky future visions, as you see that Dhaka in 2050 is completely underwater. Nicknamed “Global Warming: Titanic City,” this is a demonstration of the predictions made by the United Nations about sea levels rising over the next few decades.

What this does is raise some interesting ethical questions - pushing the concern over whether what humanity doing today is right or not… Are we really leaving this planet in the best possible state for future generations? Is this potentially dystopian world is what we want to leave behind for them?

“The future is not a stiff monolith, it’s rather a mostly mosaic of our concepts and ideas – everyone has one’s own, that’s why there's such a diversity of variants,” Kaspersky commented. But they want to calm nerves by saying that the map represents "men and women of art and science, dreamers and innovators, to predict the world, technology and cyber threats of 2050.”

Have a map of your own that you’d like to send in? Earth 2050 is a long-term project, so send it through and Kaspersky will choose to approve/decline it for the site.