5 Exciting E3 2017 Game Announcements You (Probably) Didn’t Know About

E3 2017 was packed with huge video game announcements across a series of vast press events - but I bet you probably didn’t hear/see these five titles that dropped during the week.

From indie experiences I’m confident are going to be breakout hits and accessible social gaming that doesn’t treat you like a child, to a certain remaster that went by without a mention, exciting territory exists when you step off the well-trodden path of AAA games.

1. The Last Night

Not much was mentioned about this title, but one trailer was all that it took to leave a lasting impression. Simply put, it is gorgeous. 

Created by Odd Tales, this 2D cyberpunk cinematic platformer looks to feature the addictive gameplay of a 2D shooter, while drenching it in an immersive story with branching paths and complex characters - all set within a captivating world, beautifully realised with a uniquely quirky art style.

Don’t wait to get your fix of this game - their original GameJam 2014 build is available for free online. Granted, it’s not the same, but it’s a great game nonetheless.

2. PlayLink

Social gaming sucks nowadays… There, I said it.

Many titles seem to look down on both gamers and non-gamers in a condescending manner - believing that the real secret recipe to collaborative gameplay is to look like a bit of a moron in front of your friends. Add to that the lack of attention to design in these games, and you’re left with a bad taste.

That’s where PlayLink comes in. More specifically, Hidden Agenda - an upcoming crime thriller game by Supermassive Games (of Until Dawn fame). PlayLink is a new initiative by Sony to create games accessible to all, by allowing other people to play with their tablet/smartphone.

Hidden Agenda is basically a sofa-based version of Telltale Games’ Crowd Play Mode, as you all work together to make moral decisions and see how the story unfolds.

You see, we gamers don’t look down on social gaming because of the experience itself, but rather the types of experiences that treat you like children. This is an exciting contradiction to that.

3. Age of Empires Definitive Edition

No more needs to be said than the title - one of my favourite LAN party games is being remastered and re-released 20 years after its initial launch (I feel old).

With big gameplay improvements, 4K graphical upgrades, new single player narratives and an orchestral score, this is sure to reignite your love for “ERECTUS.”

4. The Artful Escape

Another day, another beautiful indie game with emotional connection. In this soulful adventure, you play as Francis Vendetti, a young musician who works to discover his stage persona by exploring multi-dimensional worlds - all accessed with the power of his guitar. 

Weird, I know. But it looks insanely pretty and the gameplay certainly seems compelling.

5. Matterfall

Hidden away in the hours of Sony E3 coverage, this spiritual successor to Resogun brings more addictive arcade action from Housemarque.

With a visually inviting style of explosions, shockwaves and lavish flashes of primary colours, all set to a silky smooth 60fps, I’m confident this is sure to be a gripping experience to the end.