5 Better Alternatives To The SNES Classic Edition

If you missed the pre-orders, give up now – you’re never going to get an SNES Mini. But little did you know there are five alternatives that are so much better, which are readily available to buy.

Oh, Nintendo… Why can’t you just be a normal company? Why can’t you learn from the past success of the NES Classic and create enough stock to fulfil demand? You utter cretins.

Chances are you’re like me – you’ve seen the news of pre-orders opening for what is officially called ‘Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System’ way too late to actually get yours.

“Where do I go from here?” You ask yourself.

Well, the answer is hidden deep in Amazon... There are plenty of far superior retro console alternatives – many of which actually play the old cartridges! Take my advice, and go for any of these five consoles (in no particular order).

If one takes your fancy, tap on the image or title!

1. Retro Bit 3 in 1 console

What’s better than one retro console? Three retro consoles in one. This system takes NES, SNES and Sega Megadrive (Genesis) game cartridges.

While there are no pre-loaded games, the cartridges are easy enough to buy online. And that’s not all…

At just a shade over £60, it’s actually cheaper than the SNES Mini!

Now, I know this costs considerably more. But supporting a MASSIVE 12 legacy consoles, it’s worth the money! The Retro Freak can support PC Engine, TurboGrafx, NES, SNES, SEGA Mega Drive, SEGA Genesis, Famicom and Nintendo Game Boy.

Alongside this, you can install game ROMs onto the console using an SD card and with HDMI output, your classics never looked so good.


Name another annoying thing about the NES Classic and the soon-to-be released SNES Classic… The controller wire length!

Yes, it was frustratingly short, so let’s get that annoyance out the way with the wireless controllers of Hyperkin Retron5.

Packing HDMI output and support for NES, SNES, Megadrive, Famicon and Game Boy (up to GBA) carts.

cyber gadget 12 in 1 console

Another 12 in 1 monster of a console, which has support for every legacy console you could think of! But what’s so special about this one compared to the Retro Freak?

Well the answer comes in the controllers, which connect by USB. That means if you were never a fan of the classic controller layout, you could use a more recent pad from a PS4 or Xbox One. But if you want to go full old school, there are controller adaptors for your favourite gems.

Finally, if you’ve looked through this list and thought “I don’t want to have to worry about updating the library of games. I just want them ready to go,” then the Atari Flashback 7 is for you.

Simply plug and play retro gaming, containing many titles you know and love. Easy present material right here!