20 Of The Best Amazon Prime Day 2017 Deals For Any Geek

Amazon Prime Day is here and I’ve found the best deals for any gadget-loving geek out there – including HUGE discounts on the Amazon Echo line.

Ah, Amazon Prime Day. Quite the unfortunate day for my bank balance, as the prices of gadgets, games and a plethora of nerdy items come tumbling down – starting from 6pm tonight.

This year is no different, and to take advantage of these deals you’re going to need a Prime Membership. Now, I know many of you will whince at the idea of paying £79 for a year. But you can take out a free trial for 30 days (or get prime free with a student card).

And with the amazing offers, it’s more than worth signing up for, then cancelling afterwards if you really don’t see the value in keeping it.

Scroll down for some of the hundreds of deals – handpicked by a nerd for your pleasure. Or use the buttons below to find your own special offers.

Amazon Gadgets

Let’s start with the obvious leaked deals – save big on Amazon’s own hardware, including their line of Echo smart speakers.

Amazon Echo: £79.99, down from £149.99

£70 off Amazon Echo

The smart speaker that started it all, powered by the critically acclaimed Alexa smart assistant. This gadget has been around for a while, receiving all kinds of updates and developer based “skills” to become an incredibly capable helping hand voice around the house – whether it’s to read out a recipe in the kitchen, book you an Uber in the living room or play your morning playlist in the bedroom.


Buy your Echo now.

£15 off Amazon Echo Dot

If you’re a nerd like me, chances are you’ve already invested in a nice audio system to truly feel the bass of that song you love or experience the immersion of that game’s captivating audio. That’s where the Echo Dot comes in – basically a mini version of the Echo speaker, without the big speaker. With an audio-out port to plug into external speakers and a toned down price, this is an obvious choice to kick-start your smart home setup.

Buy your Echo Dot now.

Dash Buttons - just £1.99

Always forgetting that one household item until it’s too late? Whether it’s coffee, washing powder or that all-important beer, Amazon Dash buttons are a nifty way to instantly order same-day or next-day replenishment of these items and more. Stick them round the house and never run out again. ALSO – while previously they were £4.99, you got £4.99 credit added to your Amazon account. You STILL get this credit, so you’re essentially making a net profit with every button bought!

Buy your Dash Button now.

Amazon Kindle

Let’s move onto the Kindle family, starting with this 6-inch entry level e-reader – a fantastic gadget and one I’ll be keeping an eye on ready for my holiday to Egypt. Current price is £59.99, with no discount announced; but I’m willing to bet there’s one coming!

Buy your Kindle now.

Save £30 on Kindle Paperwhite

This step up in the Kindle line comes with a higher resolution screen, built-in light and a more premium build to make a better reading experience. But the price is not so offensive anymore, coming down below the £80 mark for anyone who is willing to spend a little extra.

Buy your Kindle Paperwhite now.

Save £40 on Kindle Voyage

Save £40 on this next premium step up in Amazon’s e-reader family, with a flush display, incredible build quality, an automatic brightness display, to perfectly cater to any lighting conditions and a bunch of premium extras. A more-than worthy step up from the Paperwhite at close to Paperwhite prices.

Buy your Kindle Voyage now.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis: No discount announced (yet)

And finally, the top of the line, best of the best, most expensive e-reader ever released. An insanely thin and lightweight design holds the highest-resolution display and a great user interface to get to your books. Once again, no official deals yet, but expect there will be one soon!

Buy your Kindle Oasis now.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet - just £30

You can buy a tablet for £30. In a world of iPads and over £300 tablets, let me just reiterate that. You can buy a fully-featured tablet for JUST £30. Full app store, Alexa smart helper built in. This is by far the most insane deal of the day.

Buy your Amazon Fire 7 Tablet now.

£30 off Amazon Fire HD 8

Oh, and you thought £30 for a baseline tablet was cheap. Try just £50 for a packed out HD tablet! Faster processor and bigger memory, this one is great for magazine reading alongside any bedtime Netflix viewing. Well worth the extra cash.

Buy your Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet now.

£20 off Amazon Fire TV Stick

Yes, the one with the annoying ad by Jeremy Clarkson – the Amazon Fire TV stick brings music and TV streaming straight to your TV, complete with Alexa voice remote to make the whole experience super smart. Plus, at just £30, this is a must buy for anyone who cares about good entertainment experiences.

Buy your Amazon Fire TV Stick now.

Amazon Fire TV 4K

And if you have a nice 4K TV for your content, forget the Fire Stick and just get this one. No deal (yet), but there will be one for sure! This one brings 4K Amazon and Netflix streaming straight to the telly.


This may not be the Steam Sale, but you can expect some huge discounts on the following titles during Prime Day (be quick though, they will go FAST). All of these deals start tomorrow (Tuesday 11th July).

Gadgets elsewhere

Outside the Amazon family of gadgets, you can expect some other amazing deals to upgrade your smart home and entertainment experience!

LG 4K Ultra 43-inch HD Smart TV: 30% off

LG 43-inch 4K TV - 30% off

If you’ve been umming and ahhing about making the jump to 4K, now might just be the best time to do it! This LG Smart TV has a bunch of entertainment apps built in for 4K content from the go, an incredibly intuitive UI and at 30% off, you’re getting a vibrant screen for an absolute steal of a price.

Philips Hue Wireless Lighting system: 30% off

This is a favourite of mine for starting the transformation of your home into a smart home. With “at least 30% off,” that means you’re going to get three E27 bulbs – the colour and shade of which can be changed by your phone and the HUE bridge for roughly £100. To say the bulbs usually go for £50 a pop means this is an incredible deal.

Waterproof Fitness Tracker - just £15.99

Not much can be said about this except for the obvious rock bottom price. This is a waterproof fitness tracker for just a shade over £15 - in a market of trackers that cost upwards of £15! This may be the secret steal of Prime Day...

Many more deals to come…

This is all I and many other blogs have been told, so always make sure to keep up with the special offers and SIGN UP FOR PRIME! It’s 30 days for free, and you can cancel at any time. Literally free access to these discounts – what’s stopping you?