The Future Of Radio Is Podcasting And Anchor Is Leading The Charge

Radio listeners are dropping off a cliff, and it’s obvious the world is turning to podcasting for their audio-based entertainment – the democratising platform that is slowly (but surely) being led by Anchor.

Since BBC journalist Ben Hammersley created the portmanteau of “pod” (for iPod) and “cast” (as in broadcast) in 2004, podcasts have had a strange thirteen years of existing in popular culture but keeping a thoroughly cult status in the face of other traditional entertainment forms.

But as 110 million Americans (and 4.7 million Britons) listen to this format of audio, growing by 11% over last year, this demonstrates a gradual-yet-robust growth – while radio continues its quarterly decline.

So why is podcasting quickly rising to take over the current status quo? Well, it comes down to two reasons.

Podcasting = a greater opportunity to experiment

Take a look at the likes of Serial, Reply All, Homecoming and many other podcasts that bend the idea of an audio show in new & interesting ways.

Unique stories can be told in greater depth than ever before, spanning multiple episodes rather than just fitting into a short segment.

Breaking from the current and up-to-date news-based nature of radio, podcasts are granted a better dimension of storytelling.


In the official podcast of, I will fill your brain with weird & wonderful facts that you (probably) have never heard before.


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Podcasting doesn’t have to go for the biggest, broadest audience

Think about it. The responsibility of a radio DJ is to enter the ear drums of as many people across the nation – with a target audience of “everybody with a radio.”

With the quantity of podcasts not being limited to whoever can buy the transmitting technology and the specific spectrum in which to broadcast to. All you need is a computer, a microphone and a good idea.

Of course, that’s all simplified yet again with Anchor…

Democratisation of Podcasting

Think of Anchor as the ‘Snapchat Stories’ of podcasting – allowing users to post audio segments recorded on whatever topic or theme they decide.

But thanks to recent updates, those segments can now be combined and posted as a whole podcast – the episodes of which can be automatically shared across popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Pocketcast.

The ability to do this is a transformative step in the world of podcasting. Initially, the idea of setting up a week-daily show was crazy to me – as one-man producer, editor and podcaster, that’s just way too much work.

But Anchor solves that problem, and I feel it’s going to lead the charge on a whole new wave of podcasting that will see this medium’s rise over radio.

And on that note…

I have a podcast! I know, awkward Segway but it’s worth it I promise. As alluded to above, I host a show that goes out every weekday called “Learn Something…” It’s a chance for me to consume your brain with weird facts & trivia you’ve never heard before.

Consistently in the top 100 Anchor stations, it would be amazing if you all gave it a listen. Favourite the station on Anchor, or subscribe on your favourite podcasting platform and give it a good review. You all make this possible for me! Have a listen below and subscribe.

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