Emotion Engineer LIVE At 5pm GMT - Playing SSX (PS2) To A Sweet Emo Soundtrack

Pair the PlayStation 2 with a sweet 00s Emo soundtrack and you have my childhood, which I will be reliving live on Twitch as the Emotion Engineer.

To do this has been a dream for me over the past few months, which I’ve put off for various adult reasons. Now, I have officially run out of excuses and need a break from a life of maturity - even if it’s just for three hours a week.

First, to explain the channel name. The console has a well-known CPU named the Emotion Engine. Every engine needs an engineer, plus I have a notorious penchant for 00s Emo music. Hence, Emotion Engineer.

Each and every week, I will be diving back into my life of long fringes and PS2 gaming, celebrating (what I believe is) the most important console of the 21st century. Check out the stream just below or read more about my love for this console.

It didn’t bring affordable household to the market like the NES. It didn’t put 3D graphics into the mainstream like the N64 did. It didn’t even have a coherent online platform like Microsoft’s Xbox Live. However, in spite of all that, the PlayStation 2 revolutionised gaming as we knew it. 

Even now and looking into the future, you can see the impact of Sony’s star console and the company’s decisions that led to its success. 

Considerations for multimedia features? Yep, that became a common practice following Sony’s choice to use a DVD drive in the PS2. And being labelled the first true console of a generation (sorry, Sega Dreamcast) still continues to be a moniker top companies battle for. 

And let’s not forget the significant leap forward in graphical prowess. It’s fair to say generational progressions aren’t as graphically impressive as before. Which is what made the jump from PS1 to PS2 so mind-blowing. 

Plus comes the sheer fan adoration of this beast. Ask everyone you meet and a vast majority will say Playstation 2 is their favourite console of all time. So I’d love to celebrate what became such a massive part of my life. As an emo/geek hybrid, friends were a rarity and girlfriends were a foreign concept. This made the console a staple part of my daily diet.

Starting strong, every console came with a demo disc. Mine contained a particular game called SSX, which is arguably the best snowboarding game -  potentially second only to SSX Tricky. Check me out from 5pm GMT (just google search for other timezones).

I dedicate this stream to my other childhood friend - the g o o d  b o y known simply as Digby.