Tonight On The Emotion Engineer Twitch Stream - SSX 3 (PS2), Emo Music & Beer

The Emotion Engineer is back tonight at 5pm GMT - playing SSX 3 on PlayStation 2 to a sweet 00s Emo soundtrack, as requested by one lovely Twitch viewer.

The PlayStation 2 made my childhood of exploring my socially awkward nature and avoiding school bullies bearable. And after 158 million console sales worldwide, it’s clear I wasn’t the only one enjoying this monolithic black box.

And in that box was a CPU that went by the name of “Emotion Engine.” Every engine needs and engineer, and it might as well be one who loved the sweet sounds of 00s Emo music, which is where I come in.

As you saw in the title, today’s game will be SSX 3, thanks to the request of lovely Twitch user Surio, after I played the first game in the series last week.

So sit back and relax from 5pm GMT and step into my world of lip piercings and From First To Last. Also embedded the chat just to my left as well

In the spirit of dedicating last week’s stream to my g o o d b o y, I dedicate this week’s to Chicago’s own Sporty.

Wait for the smile 🤗. 🤣😍💙🐕‼️ #mondaymotivation #rainyday #igstory

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