Six Little-Known Facts About PlayStation 2 - Learn Something Episode 24

In this week's episode of Learn Something, I go in-depth about my favourite games console of all time (I have a weekly Twitch stream dedicated to it) - the PlayStation 2.

Over 12 years, over 10,000 games and over 130 million sales established Sony's black behemoth as a force to be reckoned with in the gaming space - timed perfectly to usher in the next generation before anyone else, armed with a stellar library of titles and sneaking its way into the family living rooms with a built-in DVD player.

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And while you're here...

If you clicked on this, I assume you love the PS2, right? Who doesn't!

Well with that in mind, clear your schedule every Wednesday between 5 pm GMT and 8 pm, as I have a Twitch channel dedicated to this amazing console.

I am the Emotion Engineer - the PS2 runs on an Emotion Engine and every engine needs an engineer (plus I have a penchant for playing sweet 00s emo music during my streams, to really go back to my childhood).

Check me out every week and if you enjoy, please consider subscribing.