Learn Something Episode 21: CES 2018 Technology Special

The Consumer Electronics Show is almost here - otherwise known as the real Christmas for gadget geeks everywhere. It’s only fair it gets covered in this week’s episode of Learn Something…

With over 50 years of history, there are a lot of weird and wonderful facts about CES - from just how early technology you know of and actively use today is launched at the show, to the biggest TV ever on the show floor.

To add a sprinkling of personal depth to the show’s happenings, Jason England also dives into some of his own predictions for the future of consumer tech shown at this year’s show along with his experiences going to the 50th anniversary CES back in 2017.

But the chef didn't stop there in making this audible feast truly delectable for the ears and soul. The community segment has one super simple question - what is your favourite gadget of all time? Call in by downloading the Anchor app, and he will transmit your voice to the many many listeners in their cars, homes and elsewhere every week.

Top it off with a dash of New Rising Media-related updates and serve at a warm temperature for peak enjoyment.

Bon appétit! Listen below or subscribe to Learn Something on your preferred podcasting service

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