Reigns: Game of Thrones Review

Reigns and Game of Thrones.

When this crossover was first announced, I was initially surprised at the fact it actually happened. But after that, it became clear to me that this is an incredibly ideal match-up - almost in a “why did nobody think of this earlier?” kind of way.

George R. R. Martin’s universe has not worked as an action adventure game. It’s not even worked as a Telltale multiple choice adventure. But oddly, the best potential fit for something like this resides in what is (on surface level) a pretty bare-bones mobile game.

I won’t waste your time with pontification and excessive descriptions. I’ll just get straight to it and tell you three truths learnt while playing this rather special game.


Gameplay on a mobile device can be just as engaging as any console.

For those who haven’t played Reigns before, you basically work your way through a series of binary choices with different impacts on your rule over the kingdom - trying to stay alive as long as possible.

Functionally, this is the equivalent of Tinder with more impactful consequences than unsolicited dick pics. Reigns GOT should become boring quickly, given how simplistic it is on the face of it – especially for those who have played this game twice over before with previous iterations.

But yet, you’re grabbed by the scruff of the neck and pulled into this terrifying world every time. From the long sessions before you go to sleep, to the casual pick-up-and-play on the morning commute, the simplicity lends itself nicely to all play styles – but allows the vast complexities of GOT lore to shine through and slowly reveal themselves to you.

Which brings me onto my second truth… 

reigns game of thrones.jpg

Mobile games don’t have to be so shallow.

I see you there, dear reader, wincing at that statement after experiences of flipping bacon onto other items, firing birds into towers and lining up identically-coloured sweets. 

But engaging experiences that are actually playable on the screen of a smartphone do exist, and Reigns: Game of Thrones takes it’s place amongst the frontrunner of this class. 

Lying underneath the stripped-back art style, the rumbling soundtrack, the almost Sim-lish mutterings of the characters, the text which has some spelling and grammar errors (grammar nazi in me was not amused), and the simple act of moving cards left and right is a thrilling adventure of war, politics, love, betrayal and (at some times) horror that do well to capture just what makes the TV show so good.

All of this led me to this - the simplest truth. 

Reigns and Game of Thrones is a match made in heaven. 

It produces an incredible experience that grips you from the word “go.” Be warned - Reigns: Game of Thrones will be a regular go-to app on your phone for a long time to come.

This is, quite simply, one of the best mobile games you can play right now.