Vote For New Rising Media In The UK Blog Awards 2019

New Rising Media is in the UK Blog Awards 2019 - if you love what I do, it would mean the world to me if you voted!

How to vote

Look for me in each of the categories and press the heart to vote for me!

Look for me in each of the categories and press the heart to vote for me!

  1. Click here or pop on over to

  2. Find my entry (on the second row if you’re on a desktop) and click the red heart next to my name

  3. Repeat step 2 on for the gaming category, either by clicking here or visiting (you’ll find me at the bottom of the page)

  4. Crack open a beer, pour a wine or treat yourself to a fancy drink you love. You deserve it!

Now, I can’t just leave the blog at that… Would be mighty cheeky of me to type a hundred words and call it a day - assuming you’ll just automatically vote for me. So, dear reader, I’ll provide a couple updates. But first, a question.

Why vote for me?

Visit to vote for me in the Digital & tech category.    Go on over to to vote for me in the gaming category.

Visit to vote for me in the Digital & tech category.

Go on over to to vote for me in the gaming category.

As you can see, the campaign for New Rising Media’s UK Blog Awards vote is to “Vote for the future.” Now, I won’t say the future depends on it - we have far bigger problems to resolve when it comes to that. But allow me to explain this tagline…

Many of us are scared of the future - that much has been evident over the past few years. But I don’t believe that. In fact, I feel the future is incredibly exciting, and continue to be passionate about sharing this with every single one of my readers. 

And after many comments of support and future fascination over the years, I’m starting to believe in the importance of this mission. To inspire people, make them smile and give them a good laugh.

Finally, the opportunity to write for an audience has been a dream come true. The impact and accolades received for my work go far beyond my wildest aspirations for this site. And after ten years of writing what I love, I feel confident in putting my proudest achievement to date forward for the UK Blog Awards, hopefully sharing my weird and wonderful world with even more people.

A quick update

2018 has been a tumultuous year to say the least. 

The opportunities granted to me through this blog are still beyond my – seeing the world’s first space nation officially formed in Vienna, exposing an industry of gamer energy supplements unknown to many, seeing the future of consumer technology with CES, getting the chance to review some of the latest technology and games. 

Jason England New Rising Media

To really hammer home this point of opportunities, I’m typing to you on a flight over to Stockholm, where I will be going to DICE Studios and testing Battlefield V. You can read my full review in Stuff Magazine (coming 29th November) and on their website. 

However, one thing I didn’t quite realise was the impact on my personal life and, more importantly, my mental health. Any blogger who balances a full-time job will tell you the stress of maintaining a balance such as this can be an overwhelming prospect at times.

Turns out I didn’t figure that out until it’s too late. This paired with issues in a workplace that just didn’t seem to understand anxiety whatsoever, led to a break – going through cognitive behavioural therapy, keeping a journal and re-evaluating my life. Initially, felt lost not having anything to do, but that break was the best decision I ever made. 

It forced me to recognise the things that matter most in my life, which is my own life, my friends and my family. This harsh light helped me see the blog for what it is - a hobby and not my life. Taking a step back re-ignited that drive in me that every blogger feels, to write about what they love and share their passion (which I hope you can see in what I’ve been doing).

I returned. Renewed. Refreshed. Re-energised.

If I can recommend any advice to any bloggers who may read this, here’s my simple advice - keep doing what you love, but never forget about putting time aside to look after yourself. If you don’t look after yourself, you’ll burn out and that will reflect in what you create.

As for the UK Blog Awards themselves, you may know this isn’t my first rodeo…

Last year, I made it to the finals – even went to the swanky awards ceremony (you can read about that here). The incredible 16-Bit Dad won what was an incredibly stacked Digital & Technology category. 

But now, after what has been a massive year for New Rising Media and a life-changing year for myself - I’m just glad to even see my name amongst a list of such talented bloggers and look forward to seeing how things play out..