Half Of Britain Will Celebrate Christmas Virtually This Year

Studies have found that half of Brits will be celebrating Christmas virtually this year - sharing the big day over the likes of FaceTime or Skype.

More than five million people will be opening presents in view of a video chat app, because of one of many reasons they can’t be with loved ones on Christmas Day - be it a lack of money, working hours, living too far away or any of many other reasons. And three million of those will also be eating Christmas dinner in front of a screen for the same reason.

It was all done as part of a “Pass The Love On” campaign by Thorntons, who reunited three families who couldn’t be together over the festive period.

You can see some of these reunions in a nice, emotional little clip below.

And so, what does this mean for the future? That’s a simple one, really. The connecting benefits of technology cannot be understated in a world with thousands of miles between family. Long may these benefits continue, but don’t forget about how much better it is to actually be there with loved ones. A FaceTime call is nice, but a hug is better (hope my Mum’s proud of me for saying that here).

Whether it’s with the people you love physically or virtually, I wish a Merry Christmas to one and all.