Bizarre AI-Generated Candy Heart Messages Are Sure To Get You Swooning…

Artificial Intelligence can be trained to do a lot of things, but it turns out it’s not so great in the art of romance - creating such love-inducing candy heart messages like “SWEAT POO.”

We all fear a future ruled by AI, but with hilariously dumb moments such as this, I think we’re going to be just fine for a while.

As the small and sugary love hearts start to appear across the UK and America around Valentine’s Day, we’re left with a selection of generic short phrases imprinted on sweets - designed to do the expression of feelings for us.

However, through being so focussed on love, they blindly ignore the wide spectrum of emotions in this area. Instead, research scientist Janelle Shane trained a neural network to create Valentine’s Day messages for the candy, by feeding it a data set - “all the genuine heart messages I could find.”

So what is the neural network doing in the background? Well, it takes the dataset, learns from the language use and choice of words, and attempts to imitate & generate its own version of candy heart messages.

And how well did it do? See for yourself… With the results of “LOVE 2000 HOGS YEA” and “YOU A GOO,” it’s clear that machines aren’t prepared to understand the vast range of human vocabulary. These messages include the rather hilarious “STANK LOVE,” “BOG LOVE,” “SWOOL MAT,” “BE A GOOL,” and “TWEET UP BAT.”


But the neural network didn’t stop there, inventing its own phrases outside of the original database.

“There was yet another category of message, a category you might be able to predict given the prevalence of four-letter words in the original dataset,” Janelle wrote in a blog post. “The neural network thought of some nice new four-letter words to use.”

Shane concluded that the network must have arrived at these terms because they seemed like they would be something pronounceable. And while the machine did get this right, the terms are a bit more… Let’s say sexually direct (and all the more hilarious for it).

Here they are, received in an email to New Rising Media: “DOOO ME,” “SWEET HOLE,” “MEAT MATE,” “ANL LOVE,” “TIME 2 WANK,” “TITT KISS,” and “BEAT ME TAME.”

Conclusion - machines have a long way to go in seducing humans, but they are set to give us a good laugh this Valentine’s Day!