Happy Valentine’s Day. With Love, From New Rising Media

From being a finalist in the UK Blog Awards to my podcast crashing its way into the top 10 list, I have a lot to love each and every single one of you for this Valentine’s Day.

And it’s as I type this - full of cold symptoms, heavily medicated and refusing to leave my bed until the very minute I’m required to get up for date night with my girlfriend of nearly three years (unlucky for her, I know), that I’ve got a rare spare moment of time to thank each and every single one of you.

UK Blog Awards Finalist

You may have already read the news or watched me talk about it on TV, but if not, I received enough votes to be a finalist in the upcoming awards ceremony… To be honest, this hasn’t quite sunk in yet!

Still seems baffling to me - always believing I would be on the fringe and simply writing this blog, purely for the love of tackling some rather geeky subjects and predicting the future - but to get recognised for it is really something else.

So all I can say is “thank you.” To the judges (if you read this), thank you and I hope you’ve enjoyed your time on New Rising Media. And to voters, thank you for getting me to the finals. I look forward to sharing what happens with you all on 20th April.

Lots Of People Love To Learn Something…

It started as an experiment on new podcasting platform - Anchor - but has grown into something far bigger than I imagined. A regular staple of the top 5 podcast chart, ‘Learn Something…’ was/is/always will be an outlet for my random facts in many nerdy topic areas.

Picking up several hundred listeners every week, the experiment has blown up beyond my wildest dreams. So to everyone who takes time to listen, whether it’s in your car, on the bus, at work or while you’re just walking around, thank you. If you haven’t checked out ‘Learn Something…’ just yet, please take a few minutes to check out my show and subscribe if you enjoy!

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My Twitch Race To 50 Followers

Finally, you may have seen my new Twitch channel, dedicated to reliving my childhood on what is both my favourite games console AND the one system that defined the future of home video gaming to date - the PlayStation 2.

I will be streaming this Saturday from 8pm GMT - playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on a race to my first 50 followers. If you have a spare second, please take the time to check out my channel and subscribe!

And all that’s left to say is, whether you’re with that special someone or happily single (or anywhere else on that spectrum), I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day.

P.S. if single, I recommend Scrubs on NOW TV. Forgot how good of a show this was!