Let’s Play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Emotion Engineer Twitch Stream

Time for a new game on Emotion Engineer - my Twitch channel dedicated to the PS2. And I have chosen what was probably the console’s most ambitious - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Grand in size, packed with personality and that unique character of any Rockstar Games…game, GTA: SA sold over 20 million copies. One of which went to myself, via my Uncle who purchased the game on my behalf (I was only 14 at the time).

The hype was huge, following a thunderously successful Vice City and huge promo campaign. However, much of the excitement did not come from trailers - but from the many naysayers. I couldn’t even begin to count the number of concerned adults on TV, who believed the game turned kids into violent murderers (a debate that happens to this day).

And let’s not forget the Hot Coffee Mod controversy. It was through notoriety that San Andreas became one of the hottest products across all entertainment forms.

But the best bit? There was a pretty amazing game behind the hype. Oozing with 90s style - the areas exploded with life that encapsulated their respective cultural eras and dragged you into its world. The gameplay was also sharpened up with better driver handling & improved controls (including the capability to swim, meaning no instant deaths).

So now, I have the pleasure (thanks to my Twitch community) of playing this game on my road to 50 followers! Get involved, please follow my channel and jump on the comments. Look forward to talking to each and every single one of you.