Introducing Emotion Engineer - A Twitch Streamer Dedicated The PlayStation 2 & 00s Emo Music

My childhood was nothing but PlayStation 2 gaming, the sweet sounds of 00s Emo music and petting every dog I see. And I have the pleasure of going back to this wonderful time on my Twitch channel - Emotion Engineer.

The PS2 has an Emotion Engine and every engine needs an engineer. Hence, Emotion Engineer. Plus the soundtrack is sure to stir some emotions and the pictures of cute dogs from my fans across the globe will melt some hearts.

This puts me in the UK Variety Streamer category, as my simple mission is to play every single game in the PlayStation 2’s library (that’s a lot). I steam at least every Monday & Wednesday, with other surprise stream days announced closer to the time - from 6pm GMT.

Want to support me?

First of all, thanks! Second, supporting me and my channel is super simple. As a new channel, I am on my race to 50 followers - just visit the channel and click that ‘follow’ button.

Discord - here’s where it gets interesting…

Want to talk to me live on air? I have a Discord public voice channel, for anybody who fancies jumping on to talk to me. To have a decent conversation without airwaves being crowded, I have limited the voice chat to 2 people.

This is an experiment, which I’m running on the faith that people will use this channel nicely - no rude or threatening behaviour. Simply put, don’t be a dick and I’ll keep this going.

Also, you may notice the dog picture slideshow just underneath my face cam… These are dog pictures sent to me by the New Rising Media community!

To send me pictures of your dog/dogs you spot, to get featured on my stream, click this Discord channel and post them on here.

Watch the stream below!