People Set To Use 98 GB Of Monthly Mobile Data By 2025

Struggling to keep to your monthly data limit? Expect things to get a little tougher, as new research shows we will be consuming a whopping 98 GB of data every month by 2025.

As 5G networking is set to launch globally by 2020 (it was one of the big trends at CES this year), this study by giffgaff concluded that, based on theoretical speed increases, mobile users can expect to consume 98.34 GB, 73.87 GB of which will be on video streaming alone.

This comes on the heels of previous research, which showed global mobile data was set to increase by 720% by 2021.

So just how big of a jump is this? Well, let’s compare to the current usage stats. In 2017, users consumed 0.83 GB of data on video streaming, 0.46 GB on messaging and 0.34 GB for online browsing.

By 2025, video streaming will jump to the massive level above due to the growth in 4K streaming, messaging will rise to 40.63 GB and online browsing will skyrocket to 14.17 GB.

Of course, the reason why average data usage is so low would be because of the country’s reliance on the oh-so-readily available Wi-Fi networks, which may still be the case by 2025.

However, it’s a fair assumption that when we have the astronomical speeds of 5G, humans may grow to rely on their cellular data - thus requiring the need for bigger data packages, as is represented by the sharp uptick in 2021.


“This new research shows a monumental shift in how people will use mobile phones in the next seven years – not just as communication devices, but as connectivity hubs.” Kim Laura, Chief Commercial Officer at giffgaff commented.

“For millions of people, using a mobile phone for music and video streaming is more important than its traditional use for calls and texts. With the launch of 5G, we will finally have the bandwidth to deliver speeds even faster than home broadband.”

“Consumers need to bear this in mind when signing up for a two-year contract; 5G will be here in two years and many users will want a phone that will let them enjoy all 5G has to offer.”