New Rising Media Is Going To Wearable Technology Show 2018

What does the future of wearable tech look like? I will be finding out at this year’s Wearable Technology Show, as New Rising Media returns for the forth year in a row!

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Wearable Technology Show has continued to be one of the UK's more exciting technology conferences - dictating what the future looks like in wearable tech, health tech and the internet of things.

At last year’s show, in a piece I wrote for BBC Science Focus, there were four clear directions that this space was headed in:

  • Single-function style - Keeping wearable gadgetry in a simpler state than that smartphone in your pocket. Giving them one simple function as to maintain their status as being merely a wearable.
  • Control everything in your life - Better implement wearables into the broader ecosystem of gadgetry, by enabling their ability to control items such as your music or smart home.
  • Health (actual health) - By this, I don’t mean tracking steps or poorly calculating calories burned.  I mean items like the BrightSign gloves - which translate your sign language hand movements into readable text & audio.
  • A move into the enterprise - With examples like RealWear from last year, making construction sites safer through strapping architectural drawings into a wearable Android device, rather than on a piece of paper that requires hands to hold, businesses can really benefit from wearables.

So, armed with this information, one question stands - is this what the industry continues to believe to be the future? I saw plenty of changes in between CES 2017 and CES 2018… Do we see more of the same here? Or are businesses committed to their goals from last year?

Let’s find out!