The Story Behind New Rising Media’s New Look For Spring 2018

So, New Rising Media’s new profile picture looks a bit jazzy! But, there’s a deeper story behind the design beyond it simply just being cool and colourful.

First, a thank you to the designer goes without saying. Top notch designer Laura Elder doesn’t just put up with me in a relationship sense, she also has to deal with me asking for cheeky design favours. I had one simple request in this brief: “it’s spring, and I need something new.” 

But what she came back with doesn’t just introduce an entirely new dimension to the look and feel of New Rising Media, it manages to tell the origin story of this blog in a visual manner I never thought of...

Basically, you can tell who the creative one is in this power couple…

Any Ordinance Survey Map nerds out there? Yep, I know I’m calling out a specific group here, but look closely at the lines of the artwork… Turns out those are the gradient contours of the birthplace of New Rising Media (and me) - Nottingham. 

When it comes to the blogosphere, Nottingham has always been an amazing city of talent and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this bustling community of creative minds.

Looking forward to representing Nottingham, the East Midlands best city (suck it, Derby) in the UK Blog Awards this April!

Full Mobile Wallpaper available below!

new rising media phone wallpaper background