The Story Of New Rising Media – Learn Something UK Blog Awards Special

On this week’s episode of Learn Something – as New Rising Media is a finalist in this year’s prestigious UK Blog Awards, I thought I’d turn their #bloghour questions into a podcast episode and tell you all the story of my blog.

So, you may have already seen the news… My blog – this blog – is a finalist in the UK Blog Awards. When it happened, I guess it really just didn’t sink in. I mean for that to happen, people would actually need to enjoy the content I write/film/record, and who actually enjoys this Nottingham nerd’s ramblings right?

Well, as the tickets have come through and I’ve got my tuxedo, things have started to feel really really real and I’m feeling a massive mix of nerves and excitement!

All I can say, from the bottom of my heart, is thank you. Thank you to everyone who voted – I am in a shortlist category of many bloggers that I’d consider myself a fan of, so to even be recognised alongside them is an honour.

And thank you to anyone who takes whatever short amount of time out of their life to check out what I make. This is what I love to do, and every single one of you makes this possible.

But I digress! It turns out that in this week’s chaos, blended with the nerves of things getting real, I didn’t actually find time to research some weird facts for an episode of Learn Something…

Lucky for you, however, there’s a workaround. Due to other priorities, I missed the UK Blog Awards’ weekly #BlogHour – 60 minutes of evening discussion around any blog-related topics, from the nerdy specifics of CMS choice & marketing platforms, to what I’m going to talk to you about this week.

This week’s blog hour was simply about “Your favourite things about Blogging,” which I feel is a perfect topic for an episode. So sit back, wherever you are, and enjoy this UK Blog Awards Special episode.

Hope you enjoy, and let me know your thoughts! Learn Something is available on all good podcasting services. Please take a second to subscribe and leave a review.

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