The Future Human Needs To Learn To Trust Charities, Research Shows

Research shows over a quarter of people no longer trust charities in the UK. With many societal and physical problems affecting us all, this needs to change. Luckily, there may be hope…

Research conducted by ethical mobile network ‘The People’s Operator’ (TPO) found that the recent news about certain big charities has hit every UK-based charity hard – as 26% of people have decided to no longer donate due to a lack of trust.

“We’re an extremely generous nation, donating more than £9.7 billion to charities annually,” Sam Tilloston, CEO of TPO commented. “However, the recent series of events has seen charities hit hard, at a time when they need support the most.”

And it’s not like we are not a selfless nation, with this same research showing that more than nine in 10 of us have donated to charity at some point in our lives, and the average UK adult donating £72.94 to charities.

We’ve just got to realise a couple of things:

  1. These stories don’t reflect the vast majority of charities out there
  2. Your money does, in fact, positively impact the charity you choose
  3. There are many positive ways to donate that don’t have to hit your wallet

And one of these ways is by using TPO, which donates 10% of a customer’s bills to good causes. “It’s a great way to give back and feel good with minimum effort,” Sam Tilloston described.

But the research goes further… As every story loves to add a competitive edge to this, the people of Southampton donate the most per year (£108.50) and those in Sheffield take the bottom spot with a solid £35.07.

Also, it’s great to see a charitable nature in younger generations to, as millennials are most likely to support mental health charities than any other age group (28% compared to 16% of 55+ year olds).

All of this information has been handily presented in this infographic from TPO.

Infographic TPO.jpg