Let’s Fighting Love Championship - PS2 Gaming Tournament Twitch Stream Friday at 8:30 pm BST

Who is the best PS2 gamer out of me and my friends? Join us on the Emotion Engineer Twitch channel for a special tournament this Friday at 8:30 pm BST (3:30 pm EST).

You’ve seen my single-player streams, even dabbled in some two-player action, but my streaming efforts have caught the attention of my friends - who all resided firmly in the PS2 generation.

Now, they want a piece of the action in an ultimate tournament to decide who is the best gamer. We will be fighting for the coveted Let's Fighting Love championship belt (made using my stellar Key Stage 1 art skills).


Why Let's Fighting Love? What is that picture on the belt? These are questions that we will no doubt answer on this first of a (maybe) monthly special edition stream!

With friends spanning back from as far as primary school, you will no doubt hear some interesting stories about the lot of us, as we try to outdo the other on embarrassing tales!

And the best bit? It is all for charity.

Roughly 100,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It is a debilitating condition that scientists far smarter than myself have managed to find a cure for. One lady in Sheffield has managed to undergo this experimental procedure and come out of the other end, and with your important donations, we can get one step closer to providing this to every single person who suffers.

Nobody deserves the overwhelming anxiety that comes with fearing when the next relapse will be. So let’s all get together and support MS Society -  a cause far greater than our own. Donate to my JustGiving page and we will thank you by name on stream.

The tournament brackets are set, the games are chosen (all will be revealed during the stream), and the takeaway has been chosen. Follow the Twitch channel to get notified, and join us for one hell of a stream.