Don't Miss The Emotion Engineer Bank Holiday Bumper Stream Bonanza 2018

It's set to be a sunny Bank Holiday Monday, so of course, I will be staying indoors playing PlayStation 2 video games. Introducing the Emotion Engineer Bumper Stream Bonanza 2018!

From 12 pm BST (7 am EST) tomorrow (Monday 7th May), I'll be live on Twitch - reliving my childhood by playing classic PS2 games. But I need your help... What games should I play?

The two choices guarantee you're set for a fun stream - every single one of these games defined a key part of my younger years.

  • Racing Games or...
  • Splinter Cell Games

How do I choose?

I have set up a Patron-only poll on New Rising Media's Patreon page. Show your support and pick what I play!

Now, the remainder of this post will not be a desperate plea for your cash (hate those types of blogs just as much as you).

All I will say is while this hobby of mine will probably continue until the day I die, purely because I love every second of typing/streaming/podcasting to you all, there is a dream of doing this full-time.

Plus, I've set up a bunch of perks for every package - including hoodies, t-shirts and good dog stickers!

And to take part in the polls (plus read any exclusive blogs I write for the platform), you only need to pay a measly $1 per month. Watch the fireworks just below, or jump onto Twitch and follow me there!

Jason England