New Rising Media Is Going To See The Asgardia - The World’s First Space Nation

Big news. I’m going to Vienna, to find out more about the world’s first space nation known as Asgardia and a big inauguration of the first head of nation.

Ridiculously excited about this! The idea of a space nation excites my inner nerd, and the opportunity to go and find out more about it really gets me hyped.

For full context, Asgardia was created in order to nail three goals:

  • Ensure the peaceful use of space
  • Protect the Earth from space hazards
  • Create a demilitarised and free scientific base of knowledge in space.

But most interesting to myself is the fact they plan to set up habitable platforms in space and build settlements on the moon - the epitome of saying “peace out” to our current planet - distancing yourself from current geopolitics and ruling yourself by the law of space.

You will be able to read all about Asgardia in an article for BBC Science Focus, which will be published soon after my return, and no doubt I’ll blog all about my time right here on NRM!

Stick about. This is going to be a good’un.