5 Bold E3 2018 Predictions

Let’s not make the same boring E3 2018 predictions… Here are 5 big bets about what we’re going to see at the show!

Why am I doing this post? Well, it originated from a certain sense of competition in a group chat with some fellow bloggers. We’re calling it BlogVengers: Civil War and the rules are simple:

Click to expand this handy schedule, courtesy of Cheesemeister on Twitter!

1.     Make 5 predictions about the big three shows (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo)

2.     The predictions can be anything from new game announcements, to specific things you expect to happen at the show

3.     These predictions cannot be anything that has already been leaked in the news

You can see my fellow BlogVengers’ prediction pieces linked down at the bottom. Well worth a read!

Now, before I make my official predictions, let’s have some fun and cleanse our system…

To remove the cobwebs from my brain, let’s get the impossible ones out there, so we can start afresh with a clear, logical mind.

1. The stage lights go down and the screen goes dark. Valve’s logo appears on screen. After ten seconds of tense silence, you hear the G-Man say “It’s been a long time Mr. Freeman…” Audience members pass out from excitement as the Half-Life logo appears, but then the worst happens. The words “the card game” appear underneath the logo, leading to downtown LA riots.


2. A shirtless and oiled up Gaben bursts in and interrupts the Nintendo presentation. Running up on stage, he Stone Cold Stuns Miyamoto, picks up the mike and whispers "Half Life 3." The wall behind him explodes and he boards the waiting hovercraft. Nintendo never recovers and gets absorbed by PlayStation. (Credit to HokageBeBop on Giant Bomb forums for that one)

3. IO Interactive announce Freedom Fighters 2 and I have a heart attack on-stream.

4. SK4TE is announced by Tony Hawk on EA’s stage. Bam Margera can be seen taking a taser shot to the testicles at the back of the stage, while wearing an Activision T-shirt – helping Tony achieve his visual metaphor.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here are my bets…

1. A Syphon Filter remake will be announced – developed by Bluepoint

syphon filter ps1.jpg

The game is purely speculative. The fact that Bluepoint is working on a remake is pretty much fact. They have job descriptions claiming they are “passionately at work remaking a classic for current-gen game systems,” which proves as much.

Given their relationship with Sony (and the fact they’ve gone mighty quiet recently…), I feel the stars are aligning for them to drop another announcement. And my bet is placed on the return of special agents Gabriel Logan and Lian Xing. It gives Sony the retro crowd pop and something big to talk about at PSX later this year.

Oh, and Sony trademarked Syphon Filter in mid-November too…

2. Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game will be revealed on Microsoft’s stage and launched exclusively on Xbox One

Sony can enjoy that new Spider-Man title all they want, but I bet Microsoft goes for the jugular – swipes exclusive rights to Crystal Dymanics’ Avengers game and takes the wind out of PlayStation’s sail.

Now, I hear what many of you are saying here… “But Jason – you moron! Why would they reveal that at Microsoft and not at Square’s own show?”

Firstly, you’re kind of right with that name, as I’m definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. But primarily, you can get a full gameplay reveal at Square’s conference, teased heavily by the head of Crystal Dynamics walking out and shaking hands with Microsoft’s Phil Spencer after their exclusivity announcement.

“Suck it, Sony,” Phil utters under his breath.

3. Rocksteady take to Microsoft’s E3 stage and announce a game which is not a new Batman or Superman title

rocksteady studios.jpeg

Now, if you’ve read anything on the internet about E3 rumours, chances are Rocksteady and Superman have come to your attention.

Don’t get me wrong – a Rocksteady Superman title will be near the top of my must-buy list. I just don’t think it’s happening.

Instead, I believe the head of the studio will walk out and announce a new IP. What could that be? I’m not sure besides it being a third-person action game with a hint of free roaming (maybe a new Urban Chaos). But it will not be a new Batman or Superman title.

4. From Software will announce the title teased at The Game Awards. It is not Bloodborne 2. It is Tenchu

From Software Game Tenchu E3 2018.jpg

With a 30-second teaser giving us unlimited levels of hype for a new From Software project, the world predicts a new Bloodborne or Dark Souls. However, I think it will be something totally different…

As the sounds of a Japanese flute and taiko drum play over the visuals of a strange contraption made from bone, the words “Shadows Die Twice” appear on-screen. What could this be?

I was stuck on a new IP for a while, but then I remembered the sheer popularity of remasters nowadays (hello, God Of War). It would be mental for From Software to not take advantage of this hype and develop a new Tenchu.

5. Grand Theft Auto V comes to Nintendo Switch

Grand Theft Auto 5 Switch.jpg

This, to me, is a no-brainer business decision for both Nintendo and Rockstar Games.

Currently, GTA V has netted Rockstar an estimated $6 billion in revenue – which is only going to keep increasing with their passionate online fanbase. And for it to be announced on Switch will bring a whole new audience and gameplay style to the game.

Pulling off a heist in the park. Racing foes in GTA Online on the train commute. This is another platform to sell the same 5-year-old game at full price to a new audience (harsh business move, but it will work).

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