Emotion Engineer E3 Special Week Of Streams 2018

To celebrate E3 2018, get ready for a week full of Emotion Engineer PlayStation streams - including reactions to the showcase and daily classic PS2 game streams.

It’s been a while since I fired up the Emotion Engineer Twitch stream. A week packed to the rafters with work and other commitments. Now, I’ve got the chance to cram a lot of streaming into one week, which is exactly what I’m going to do.

Here’s the full schedule.

PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase Reactions

Tuesday 12th June - 1pm BST / 8am EST

Sony playstation e3 2018.jpg

What better way to kick off this bumper week of streams than with reactions to the very reason I’m spending the week playing a tonne of PlayStation games - E3 2018. 

With deep looks into Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Marvel’s Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part II, along with (probably) some unexpected surprises), we’re set for a fun show. Now, I know this will be nearly 11 hours after the show actually happens, but I’m too old to be staying up until 2am and with a media blackout in place from when the show begins, my reactions will be 100% genuine.

And, you never know, may add some beers to the whole affair - make it fun.

Check out my bold predictions for E3 2018 and the ten old PlayStation games Sony really should bring back from the dead

Timesplitters 2uesday OR Tenchu Tuesday

Tuesday 12th June - 7pm BST / 2pm EST

This one is completely reliant on the E3 2018 showcase. As you see in my predictions, I’ve made the bet that From Software is set to announce a new Tenchu title - contrary to many Bloodborne 2 rumours milling about. 

Conveniently, I’ve found myself a copy of Tenchu: Wrath Of Heaven, one of the better stealth action adventure titles on PS2. And if a new Tenchu is announced, I will blow the dust off the case and get cracking.

If not, it will be Timesplitters 2. Either way, win-win!


Warriors Wednesday

Wednesday 13th June - 1pm BST / 8am EST

“Warriors… Come out and play.” The third Rockstar Games classic I’ve played on the Twitch stream, this makes for one of the more entertaining games I have the pleasure of playing way back in my PS2 childhood.

Time to bring this one out of retirement. Hopefully, I’ve not lost my skills…

Eric Sparrow. What a dick...

Eric Sparrow. What a dick...

THUG Thursday

Thursday 14th June - 1pm BST / 8am EST

Tony Hawk’s Underground and Underground 2. Both (depending on how good I am at them) in one stream. Pure and simple. Get ready to punk music and the games that inspired me to attempt skateboarding, which resulted in many injuries.

Streams With My Girlfriend 2

Friday 15th June - 8pm BST / 3pm EST

After one successful stream with my girlfriend, I’m getting her back on the air! Games currently unconfirmed, but here’s a sneak peek of what to expect…

Let’s Fighting Love Championship Part 2

Friday 29th June

The first championship stream was a lot of fun, and raised some money for the MS Society. At the end of June, we all meet up and put the belt on the line once again. Will the defending champion prevail again, or will someone new pick it up? Follow the channel to be notified when we start.