England Win The World Cup… Of Memes

52 years of hurt have not stopped England fans from dreaming of another world cup victory. But the nation has certainly won the meme world cup already, with so many hilarious parodies of the classic song “it’s coming home.”

So, as you may already know, England are set to take on Sweden in the world cup quarter finals today, after a very dramatic penalty shootout win against Colombia. The fact that England managed to win on penalties for the first time in history has reignited the excitement amongst this nation’s fans.

And with England fans come a penchant for creating memes across every social network possible, all surrounding Baddiel and Skinner’s football song “It’s coming home.” From Vladimir Putin playing an emotional rendition on the piano and Marcel sticking a tape of it in the hi-fi, to even using scenes from The Matrix, the world has not been disappointed by our response.

Whether we win or lose, never takeaway the fact that an entire country came together through funny memes - setting aside political differences in what has been a turbulent time for Britain to recognise that football could be, in fact, coming home.

Here are eight of my favourites for you to enjoy! FYI if the tweets do not load, just refresh this page.