My Ultimate Desk Setup Tour - A Nerd’s Dream Come True

Every blogger loves a good desk setup for their work, and New Rising Media is no different. Allow me to take you on a tour of where the magic happens.

I have a love affair with home office setups - minimal desks has been a favourite Tumblr page of mine for a while. It was a dream of mine from the day of graduation to have a job where I’d never have to leave my bed again. 

Fortunately, like the strongest cheddar, I have matured since then. It’s abundantly clear (yet unfortunate) that my life can’t solely surround a bed. So instead, I’ve tried to make my desk/cave as awesome as possible from both a productivity perspective and general geekiness.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to my setup and take you on a photographic tour.

My Desk

New Rising Media Desk Setup

Meet the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 - rekindling my love for standing desks with a beautifully crafted chorus of wood and metal with the space for a wide variety of uses, such as both streaming and blogging in my case.

Is it worth the £365 you can pick one up for? The answer, much like any pro-product purchase, lies in a bit of a grey area. Let me explain. 

If you’re just looking to invest in the standing desk hype, this price is a bit steep. There are plenty of cheaper options out there that, while they may not have the same level of craftsmanship as the Varidesk, will be fine as basic standing workstations.

However, if you have a home business or hobby that puts you behind a desk a lot of the time, you appreciate good design and have zero DIY skills to build the damn thing, this is an essential purchase - a sturdy standing desk that can fit ideally into any project you may have.

New Rising Media Desk Setup Varidesk

Taking personal situations out of the equation, though, this is a prime example of superb engineering that is sure to upgrade any workspace. It will be hard to go back to a solely seated option again.

As for everything else you can see on there, we have a slimline silver PS2 for my Emotion Engineer twitch stream connected to my old Polaroid 26” TV (yes, my setup is not as cutting edge as other bloggers in my orbit), an Amazon Laptop Stand atop of which lies my MacBook Pro (running Windows 10 on bootcamp for OBS software).

Also, shoutout to the Ikea potted plant. Love a bit of greenery on a desk.

The Ground Level Board

emotionengineer twitch ground level board

I’m committed to my Twitch channel. Regardless of numbers, playing classic games while talking to a small online audience is nothing short of therapeutic bliss. It helps me clear my mind when times are getting anxious and the gameplay calms me after the busier days.

playstation 2 silver controller

And none of what I do would be possible without the small community of friends I’m slowly building on the platform. So I want to celebrate that and everyone who wishes to help me on my race to 50 followers with the ground level board.

The solution? A whiteboard where I write the names of every single of the 50 followers who supported me from the (yes, you guessed it) ground level.

Get yourself on here by following my channel, but only if you do like watching an old man try to plan old PlayStation games from his childhood of course.

The backdrop

emotionengineer twitch stream backdrop

Both a shared shelving unit for me and my girlfriend, and a handy countertop for a stream backdrop. As you can see, my love for both Star Wars and PlayStation are evident in the lighting choices. Hiding behind those, you can see some of the PS2 games I regularly play, a super old Kodak Brownie Six-20 camera (from 1953) and two of the mrs’ cuddly toys.

Summing up…

A memento to my first big break with New Rising Media - CES 2017

A memento to my first big break with New Rising Media - CES 2017

It’s taken me a while to get to a desk setup I’m happy with. Even when I lived by myself with no need to compromise around my partner, it was still impossible to figure it out.

Now, however, I’m confident about the fact I may have just accidentally found my dream setup - one of variability and homeliness. It’s a place I love to be and I hope you can see that in the work I produce for you.