Lab Experiment Accidentally Gave Students Caffeine Dose Equal To 300 Coffees

Many of us need coffee to function, but now we know what having 300 cups in one day will do to you… A UK University messed up an experiment and gave two students this massive dose of caffeine.


Carried out at Northumbria University faculty of Health and Life Sciences back in March 2015, the students were supposed to receive a dose of 0.3 grams - three times what you usually get from a cup of coffee. But in this blunder, the two subjects were given 30.7 and 32 grams respectively.

Bear in mind people have died from a dose of 18 grams in the past!

Reported by the Sunderland Echo, the experiment was supposed to test the effect of caffeine on physical workouts. Instead, it became a pretty terrifying insight into such a ridiculously high dosage.

The students suffered “violent” side effects, including blurred vision, a rapid heartbeat, dizziness and physical shaking. They even had to be admitted to intensive care for dialysis - a process usually used for people who have reduced kidney function. Beyond this, the two male students also suffered weight loss and one even reported short-term memory loss.

Luckily, they made a full recovery to a healthy state again, but let this be a reminder to you all… Don’t mess with caffeine - maybe don’t gun for 300 coffees a day.