Four In Ten 'The Sims' Players Have Purposefully Killed Their Own Sims

Be honest, chances are you’ve murdered a Sim through one of many sadistic means - from removing the swimming pool ladder to starting a fire.

You’re not alone. According to a survey of over 3000 UK-based adults by YouGov, four in ten players have purposefully killed their Sims. Out of the 41% who admitted to this, a further 32% also extended their killing sprees to other in the neighbourhood. Females were more likely to kill their Sims too, at 46% compared to 36% of male players.

Now for the ultimate question… How exactly did 41% of you psychos (probably more like 120% of you) kill them off?

Ways people have killed off their own sims

Well, it will come as no surprise that the majority, at 30%, drowned them in a swimming pool by removing the stepladder. At second place was starting a fire at 19%, then starvation at 12%, 10% trapped them in a room with no doors and the other methods (methods) rest at 15%.

Turns out we're all a little sadistic too, purposefully treating our Sims badly in some terrifying ways including never letting them sleep, depriving them of food and not letting them go to the toilet!

Ways players have neglected Sims

But all is not so homicidal, as YouGov found out some of the other more standard player interactions, as 59% stated they lived vicariously through a Sim by creating a virtual version of themselves. Beyond this, 45% created their friends and family in-game and 37% rebuilt their home.

Creepily on top of this, a third also admitted to creating their real-life crush in-game and entering a simulated relationship with them.

Hopefully these moments of courtship didn’t end with murder…