I’m Taking A Break

Nothing much needs to be said here. I’m taking a short break from posting on here to tackle my own mental health issues head on.

New Rising Media mental health.PNG

As many of you know, I try my best to not get personal on here. New Rising Media is a platform for sharing my love for all things tech, science and geek culture-related. But when it comes to taking some time off, it would be in bad taste to just disappear and (in my mind) I need to let you all know what is happening.

Anxiety and a general impostor syndrome have been two issues I have always dealt with through my life. I’ve never necessarily tackled them head on, simply ignoring them - feeling it was just something silly about my rather strange brain that I could just forget about.

However, that is most certainly not the case, as I find myself falling back into those same self-destructive behaviours that some would call “generic stuff depressed people do,” but I call “trying to make each day worth getting up for.”

Reclusive behaviours are beginning to resurface in my life as well, avoiding contact with friends and family (sorry everybody), and feeling like a fraud. I need the time to actually come to terms with these mental health issues of mine and (hopefully) feel better and have a shred of confidence in my own abilities.

None of this comes without the recognition I am being incredibly selfish in the way I sound and act at this time, and to the people who are affected by this (Laura, Mum, Dad, etc), I’m sorry.

A study by Mind revealed that 48% of British workers have experienced poor mental health in their current jobs, and only half of that percentage actually speak up to their employers. The other half stay silent out of fear of judgement.

If you find yourself in this situation… Do not stay silent about depression (easier said than done, I totally understand). Make as much noise as you can and get the help you really need, like my girlfriend talked me into doing. Whether it’s something as small as visiting the newly created Mental Health At Work gateway, or referring yourself for counselling. Anything you can do to try and take control.

I don’t know how long, but this break from writing is direly needed and doesn’t mean I’m going completely quiet in what I do. Turns out I will have some spare time to pursue one of the less intensive elements of what I do, which is the streaming. Expect some more Emotion Engineer content, where I will take all your questions and talk about my love for PlayStation.

In the meantime, though, take care for now and I will see you all soon.