10 Classic Games That Deserve A Remake

The success of the Resident Evil 2 remake got me thinking about what other classic games deserve the same treatment.

classic games that need a remake.jpg

If one thing’s for certain, the people love a remake. That nostalgia feeling is unmistakably wholesome - picking up a game from your childhood, made all shiny and new by a team who care. Not only does it feel good to go back sometimes, it also makes you a lot of money if you do!

Just take a look at the successes over the past couple of years. Crash Bandicoot. Spyro The Dragon. Burnout Paradise. And more recently, Resident Evil 2. It’s the last one that got me thinking…what other games deserve this treatment? What forgotten gems need a new lease of life?

Sit back, grab a cuppa and take a trip down memory lane with me. These are ten games (in my opinion) that are well overdue a remake (or remaster at the very least).

1. Dino Crisis

With one classic Capcom series getting the remake treatment, comes questions about whether they should bring back the Jurassic Park-meets-Resident Evil series Dino Crisis. This is a no-brainer to me.

The original was an incredible game, and I feel many recent dinosaur titles really don’t attempt to instil that fear of death into you. If one thing’s for certain, a remastered Dino Crisis with the Resident Evil engine certainly will!

2. Destruction Derby

Bare with me on this one. I see your face of confusion - out of a whole slew of amazing titles that I could have picked from (SOCOM, Mark of Kri, Rugrats: Search for Reptar were close runners up), why have they been superseded by a simplified game of bumper cars?

Well, the gameplay was addictive, but imagine this with some of the elements we come to expect from games in the late 2010s… I’m taking about massive multiplayer battle royale matches between a hundred cars, paired with upgraded physics to really add more damage complexities to the affair. That would make a rather amazing experience in my mind.

3. Silent Hill

Now I know this has kind of happened before, but we deserve fuller Silent Hill experience than Shattered Memories. The downfall of the series has been well documented over the years, ending in a demise of the Hideo Kojima/Guillermo Del Toro dream project a while back.

While it’s clear that Konami is not interested in producing immersive single-player titles like this, the least they can do to repair their brand image a little bit is hand the original Silent Hill over to Bluepoint games. We’ve already seen the expertly crafted horror remake work with Resident Evil 2, so why not?

4. Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers & Return of The King

Two underrated classics from the PS2 era of gaming. While they weren’t perfect, neither is any hack-and-slash, but you can’t deny the top quality production on every level.

The appetite for LOTR lore is still there, as is evident from the success of Shadow of Mordor, so look back and bring a couple of the best titles back to life.

5. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

A masterclass in engrossing narrative, mind-blowing storytelling methods and psychological horror, this is probably the most memorable title on Gamecube (in my opinion).

From the fourth-wall breaking moments, to the moments of sheer dread, it stood head and shoulders above other titles at the time, and gamers deserve to experience this delight all over again in shiny 4K. 

6. Timesplitters

And now begins the segment I’ll call “two games I played relentlessly as a kid and really really want to see. First up, it goes without saying that Timesplitters died too soon.

We deserve more, and if that’s not going to be in the form of a brand spanking new fourth iteration, give us a remastered trilogy with online multiplayer at least. I need my fix of flame tag.

7. SSX Tricky

Shake what your mamma gave you. Words can’t describe the amount of hours put into this game when I first bought it at the age of 11.

This is what I’d call extreme sports perfection - the gameplay was unbeatable, paired with bright visuals that still look oh-so appealing today and a stellar soundtrack. The world needs a remake of this phenomenal game.

8. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Well well well, been a while since we’ve had a Star Wars game clear of controversy, hasn’t it! The classic arcade flight combat game from 1998 is long overdue a rebirth on current consoles.

It’s already clear that people love the flight side of things (take Battlefront for example), so why not give us a good single player adventure like this and pop some multiplayer on there for good measure too?

9. Pokémon Snap

Think about it. The game is a classic on the N64, and that was with the rather clunky control system.

Combine the photography system with the control system of the Switch and screen in hand, and you’ve got yourself an incredibly innovative remake that would sell like hot cakes with the hardcore fan base and provide a nice laid back experience for the causals.

10. Second Sight

Finally, probably one of the most underrated games of the 2000s. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing this sci-fi thriller with a telekinesis twist, you are fully aware of the gripping experience that many gamers are missing out on.

This one just seems like an obvious choice to me, given the excitement around the trailer of Control. The people are ready for something like Second Sight.