I Just Landed My Dream Freelance Opportunity...

As I start to work with Stuff Magazine, here are some changes I’ll be making on New Rising Media. 


You may remember I recently reviewed Battlefield V for Stuff Magazine - an incredible chance to cover a huge release for a brand I’ve loved since I was a kid.

Short shots like this have always been the closest I’ve got to the entering this world…until now.

I’ve officially secured myself a longer term freelance opportunity with Stuff, combining my loves of digital marketing and geek editorial into adding my own stamp on their retail work.

Over a decade ago, I started pursuing the dream of becoming a nerd journalist. Today, that dream has started to take shape and it feels amazing to be closer to it than I have ever been.

So, it goes without saying that I’m going to make a proper go of it. And to make time for Stuff Magazine, I need to cut down on what I do. My work/life balance is just right, and after finding out what happens when I don’t look after my mental health, there is no way I’m losing that.

Not to say this is concrete, but here is a draft game plan of how this will go down:

  1. Cut down to two blog posts a week - Seeing where you lovely bunch go on my site (looking at analytics) it’s clear you like lists, opinion pieces and reviews. These will continue (actually testing some headphones, a new phone and a phone case as I write this), but instead of three posts a week, you’ll see two.

  2. Put the Podcast on hold - I’ve been trying to get back to recording another podcast, but I’m always either running out of time or just feeling in dire need of some time to myself. With that in mind But…

  3. Return to a weekly twitch stream schedule - This will take a while to sort out, ladies and gentlemen. I remember a time when I actually had a streaming schedule and committed to it. But of course, life gets in the way. It’s difficult to plan other social gatherings, meetings, events around playing video games. Difficult, but not impossible. 

All that’s left to say now is thank you to Guy and the team for taking a chance on me, thank you to my girlfriend for her support/putting up with me doing this nerdy stuff, thank you to Anbu for being my best non-human friend (see picture above) and thank you to all of you. If it wasn’t for you dear readers, taking time out of your days to see what I make, none of this would have happened. I will never forget your support.