Urban Armor Gear Monarch Series Phone Case Review

Case shopping has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity, as phones start to become more expensive than your first car probably was.

As we are trained to handle our phones more like fine pieces of jewellery, through expensive hardware constructions of metal and glass, the need for a case is real and the market is full of them.

Maybe you go for one of those really naff cheap plastic cases that feel almost gummy-like in the hand? Or maybe you get something that uses premium materials, but costs you an arm or a leg? Or even, you could go for something that will protect your phone with the same level of protection as a tank (which comes in a case the size of a tank)?

Urban Armor Gear lands right in the middle of those final two questions with their Monarch Series case - built to withstand some serious punishment, but with a nicer feel in the hand that doesn’t make increase the thickness of the phone to that of a tectonic plate.

Urban Armor Gear Monarch phone case.JPG

Functionally, it’s great! It covers the whole device, complete with a sizeable lip around the screen to prevent any face down damage - but also remains minimal in additional bulk than other super strong cases that increase your phones size to that of a small country. 

You’ll also find a nice handheld feel with plenty of intricate details, grooves and textures to glide your fingers over for a tactile distraction from any feelings of anxiety you may have throughout the day. I know this isn’t really a key point of any case review, but as someone who combats my brain on a regular basis, it’s a rare compliment to say that out of all the coping me chanisms I have, a ruddy phone case does the job of calming me down rather well.

However, looking at it, you can tell they definitely had a certain testosterone-fuelled meeting with the design department. It looks like a rectangular alloy wheel and you can’t help but chuckle slightly at the fake screws in the corners. The Monarch is certainly a distinctive look that will divide people.

If this is a design you can look past, or even enjoy (like I did), UAG nails the perfect blend of peak protection and slim design. If you’re particularly clumsy and need something that will weather many drops, be sure to give this one a gander.


Where to buy a UAG Monarch Series Case

There are plenty of options, but the best place is on Amazon - cheapest price + free UK delivery. You can get this model of case for:

Samsung Galaxy S10 | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus | iPhone XS | iPhone XS Max | Samsung Galaxy S9 | Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus | Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Google Pixel 3 AND 3 XL