A Huge "Thank You." What’s Next For New Rising Media?

A break from your regularly scheduled programming of nerdy blog posts, as I update you on some big news.

If you’ve been keeping up with recent events surrounding this blog, you may know I was a finalist in both the Gaming and Digital & Technology categories. To be considered for something like this is beyond any kind of recognition I expected to receive for my work. New Rising Media was always (and is always) an outlet for my geeky ramblings and to see my name in a list of other incredible bloggers that I actively follow is a great feeling.

But instead of just making it to the finals like I did last year, something else happened…

While sat in a beer garden, petting two good dogs and talking to friends, I found out I had won a Highly Commended award in the Digital & Technology category at the UK Blog Awards. To say I feel honoured would be a massive understatement. I am beyond mind blown to be given such a title as this, and I have to give thanks:

  1. Thanks to the UK Blog Awards for even entertaining the idea of giving this Nottingham nerd a chance.

  2. Thanks to the judge, Christina, for deeming me worthy of such an accolade.

  3. Thanks to each and every one of you who took the time out of their busy lives to vote for me, read what I create and support me. Without you, there would be no New Rising Media.

And while I’ve seen many UK Blog Award entrants say that “everybody is a winner, for being part of this exciting community,” which I agree with, I believe the real winners here are you all - the readers. 

The blogging arena has never been more dense with truly original and fascinating stories. Take time to read up on some of the finalists from this year - they are incredible.

What’s next for New Rising Media?

So, it turns out I should know better than to make numbers-based commitments around the number of articles every week and such. Instead, I should keep things a bit more general - following a strict schedule made me feel forced to write about stuff that I’m not necessarily interested in. 

Plus (and I know I harp on about it), life does have a funny way of taking over sometimes, and pairing that with a forced feeling of writing does add to my anxiety. 

I’m taking a short break

Moving home is a stressful time in anyone’s life. Throw in additional commitments and things get crazy. I want to do this move right, not just for my partner but for myself, and that means taking a step back from New Rising Media.

Don’t get me wrong, if something huge happens and I feel that inspiration, you can expect to see a post (plus I will still be cracking on over at Stuff Magazine), but I will be going quiet until the beginning of May.

Less of the lifestyle stuff

Yes, I do look to this blog as a nice outlet for my personal problems sometimes, and the positive response I get from friends, loved ones and readers from across the globe is nothing short of inspiring. You’re a lovely bunch of people.

But you came here for the geek, and I know I can do a better job at fulfilling that. Expect more of what I should actually be doing - looking at the latest tech and geek culture news, and applying the perspective of a futurist to it.

Before I leave…

I wanted to part with some advice, from one blogger to anyone looking to start. As you can see from the below outtake, NRM used to be a pretty naff place.

The site was terrible, my content was god awful and the audience numbers backed that up. There will come a time, even, when you question whether it’s all worth it? The hours of effort, PR reps laughing you out the door, and the constant barrage of sketchy casino requests for a blog post with a link to their page which “cannot use the word “sponsored” on it in any way,” all to just see that audience number never break higher than 500 in one month.

I almost gave up. But looking back now, it’s clear that the choice to continue was the best choice I ever made - from the amazing opportunities to travel the world and cover events I only dreamt of seeing in person, to dipping my toe in working for tech/gaming magazines I loved.

The award is an oh-so sweet cherry on top of this cake, which I will be ordering double servings of because sod anyone who judges me.

These wrinkles across my face aren’t there anymore through the sheer sleep deprivation of working until past midnight on most nights on my blog, and those shakes caused by the caffeinated cacophony of energy drinks and coffee are no more.

Creases in my face are filled with the unbridled joy of seeing the fruits of my persistence flourish - they form through the small smile I make at the time of typing this realisation to you, dear reader. I have earned every chance I’ve been given, grabbed them with my bare hands and refused to let go. I enjoy what I do, and hope you enjoy what I create.

Allow me to sum up:

Your first blog post will be rubbish.

Your first podcast will be rubbish.

Your first video will be rubbish.

Your first year will feel rubbish.

But all of that changes with time. Don’t keep looking forward, or you will fall victim to that feeling of going nowhere fast - look at what you have now and keep going. To do something right takes time.

Start with rubbish and build from there, or you will never start at all.