The Ultimate Road Trip For Sci-Fi Geeks

If you’re a lover of all things sci-fi, chances are that you also love exploration and adventure.


If this sounds like you, then hitting the open road on a sci-fi themed road trip should be right up your street (pun intended)/ There are so many exciting sci-fi attractions across the UK just beginning to be explored, and what better way to do it than on a road trip adventure with your fellow geeks!?

Weighing up transport options

The ideal scenario would be to take a car, as this is the most comfortable, economical, and convenient option. However, if there is a big group of you and you are planning on going for a longer trip of around a week or more, then it might be an idea to hire another car or even an RV.

Driving around in an RV could be a lot of fun and would also save you and your friends money on accommodation. If you are family that is looking to make road trips more of a regular thing, then owning your own RV could be a great future investment. After all, having an RV at your disposal will open up lots of opportunities for fun road trips and adventure holidays all year round.

Places to visit

Britain’s Roswell would be a great place to visit if you are curious about extra-terrestrial life and UFO’s. It is possible to go on guided tours of the forest, which was the site of unexplained UFO-like activity in December 1980.

The National Space Centre in Leicestershire is another great option. Home to the largest planetarium, it’s an absolute must for space lovers, as it offers a highly interactive experience including flight simulators, astronaut tests, and a rocket tower!

Additionally, International Dark Sky Park is the perfect place to go for star-gazing. With no streetlights in sight, the views of the night sky from this spot are awe-inspiring. During the day, you could check out Britain’s largest public observatory, the Kielder Observatory, which is open to visitors.

Working out an itinerary

Planning out an itinerary for a good road trip that keeps everyone happy means there may have to be some compromise, particularly if you’re planning on just making a short trip. It’s a good idea to go old-school and use a physical map when planning your itinerary.

This can really help to give you a good sense of the distance you will cover and the various stops you will make. You can use the map to plot the major destinations and sights along the routes, as well as circle potential accommodation options and petrol stations. It’s also important to be realistic about how many miles you can cover each day, which is definitely something that should be planned in advance so you can budget effectively and organise your timing.

Summer isn’t quite over yet! So why not get a group together and top off your summer adventures by jetting off for a few days into the great beyond?

Jason England