What to expect from iPhone 11 - a sneak peek at the cases

The iPhone 11 is almost here, and the rumour mill has been busy indeed!

With a bigger camera bump to some rather interesting tech upgrades under the bonnet, you’ve got a corker of a phone coming soon. But what can you expect? Here is a quick summary of the highlight features and a sneak peek of what they could look like.

Let’s be honest, every phone gets leaked before its launch - you can be 99% sure of what to expect based on what you see from these. But for me, that extra 1% comes from case makers and their preparations. Once you see cases, you can be firm about what you’re going to see.

Well, with special thanks to Totallee, we’ve got some cases. And here they are…

iPhone 11 case leaks.jpg

To help visualise these phones beyond their cases, I’m using the mock-ups of the incredibly talented Viva Tung at CNET.

iPhone 11


So all the names seem to be getting a change, to make the R phone feel more like part of the main iPhone lineup. Sporting a 6.1-inch LCD at 326ppi, the screen’s not getting a bump, but everything else is getting a tasty upgrade.

Dual cameras, rather than the one sensor, give you more flexibility in the picture department. Alongside this, you can look forward to an A13 chip, 3,110mAh battery and storage options up to half a terabyte.

Prices appear to be staying the same at about $749 (should be about £610, but no doubt it’ll also be £700-750 given VAT).

iPhone 11 Pro

The same size as the current iPhone XS, the 11 Pro brings the same 5.8-inch OLED display with a super high 458ppi. 

Two cameras no more, say hello to a third 12MP rear camera - sporting a wide angle lens. The Face ID integration is now far more sophisticated, as it works while flat on a table - essentially a wider angle of view for the front facing scanner. Alongside this, you can expect a frost glass finish, a 3,190mAh battery and support for Apple Pencil.

Another key difference to identify here is the disappearance of 3D Touch. To be honest, nobody’s going to miss it - I barely use the interaction as it is, so let’s see what happens there.

Prices start from $999 (a grand).

iPhone 11 Pro Max

All the same gubbins as the above phone, just with the bigger 6.5-inch OLED display. Not much more to say about that.

Both of these phones come in at storage options from 128GB - 512GB, and this one starts at $1099 (probably will be £1099).