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Interview With Nathan Sawaya - The Artist Behind The Art Of The Brick: DC Super Heroes

I love Lego and DC super heroes made my childhood. Naturally, my interest was peaked by 'The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes' art exhibit in London. Here's what I thought of it, along with an exclusive interview with the mind behind this amazing work - Lego artist Nathan Sawaya.

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Maypole Or Meatball? The Love Actually Conundrum

I’ll be honest… I’m writing this article in an attempt to defend myself in the face of sheer Love Actually related embarrassment. While speaking to my girlfriend about this wonderful film, I let drop that my understanding of Joe’s famous line to Billy Mack is “Ten minutes at Elton John’s, and you’re as gay as a meatball,” rather than “maypole.”

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Watch All The Trailers From San Diego Comic Con 2016

When it comes to trailers that send geeks like me into meltdown, San Diego Comic Con is the time and place to get them. So sit back and enjoy all the 2016 trailers in once place.

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5 Super Powers That Would Be AWESOME In Real-Life

Sci-fi blockbuster movies based on characters from books and comic books with super powers are among the most popular currently being produced by Hollywood.

Each of the big characters has powers that differentiate them from the rest and grab our attentions, and most of us wish we could apply those powers to our lives sometimes. These are five times when movie super powers would be really handy in real life.

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