Lying Down With Beddit At Wearable Technology Show 2016

I love sleeping so much, my energetic girlfriend consistently questions how I can be so lazy. With this in mind, imagine my excitement when I came across Beddit at the Wearable Technology Show.

It works simply enough - a single sensor is placed underneath the bed sheet, which keeps track of your sleep and transmits the data to your phone via bluetooth. All of these data points including amount of deep sleep, snoring, respiration and heart rate are combined to form a single sleep score. This can be used to provide feedback and help you sleep better.

“I have been searching for the holy grail of an in-home, easily adopted technology, which requires very little effort on behalf of the user," Dr. James Maas writes on their website. "Discovering the Beddit has been the answer to my prayers and my searches.”

You can buy your own Beddit for €149 (around £120).