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How To Make Sure Facebook Isn’t Listening To Your Conversations

Is Facebook spying on you, using your phone’s microphone? While I believe they’re not (they don’t need to), it’s fair to doubt me. With that in mind, here’s what you can do to make sure they have no possible way of listening to your conversations.

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How To Get Rid Of Facebook Timeline

So Timeline has been rather polarizing in terms of thoughts and opinions about it's design and functionality.  Some accepting this complete renovation with open arms, warming positively to the 'scrapbooking' mentality of the implementation, whereas others detest this idea of yet further effort and attempts at expansion beyond the primary (and for most solitary) uses of sharing and communicating.

We already gave our thoughts about Timeline, and why it easily creates a love/hate relationship with the user; but what about those still unimpressed?  What about those who clicked without consideration of the overhauling effects it entailed?  What about those forced by the recent obligatory change, who want a revival of the 'old times?'  Well we've got your back, with our guide about the matter.

Bare in mind, this only affects what you see, it doesn't reverse your Timeline (or anybody else's Timeline) to it's old state on a mass public scale.  This formula utilises a tricking an identification code your browser sends to any website visited within it: the 'user agent.'  

See, if you're reading this and using facebook within Internet Explorer 7, then chances are you have no idea what the big fuss is about, since it doesn't support Timeline, Ticker, or any of the recent updates that have fallen to the disdain of many-a-user.  With this in mind, the concept is simple: if your browser impersonates IE7 with it's 'user agent,' you won't see another Timeline again, and with a file download (plus an extra app to clean up the experience), that's possible and really rather easy.

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Study shows how to get Facebook friends. Questions power of influence

Researchers at Harvard have been analysing the reasons people are friending each other on social networks, presenting that those who share common interests in music and movies are most likely to be-friend each other.  Similar book tastes, however, do not influence this decision whatsoever.

The study analysed and collected data from a group of college students (who self-reported for the experiment) over a course of four years.

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How to conceal your note taking in your local Tesco

So a blog piece from the Guardian came up in my 'most read' section on my Facebook app.  It's pretty old; but it tells the story of how one of the writers almost got arrested for writing down prices of items in his local Tescos, to be a smart consumer and compare the general grocery prices.  This bought on a rather disparaging vilification in his blog post, and we want to help in these times of need.  It seems as if it's become restricted to take notes in a Tesco, here's some forms of concealment.

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How to own an iPhone, minus the obnoxious swagger

So you have the iPhone 4S, good.  But step out of the reality distortion field of owning an Apple cellular telephone and you start realise something: iPhone owners can be dicks when they want to be (I know because I can be).  So we've elected to lend a helping hand, and offer a few key steps on how to avoid looking like the pinnacle of douche-baggery.

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How to start a club night

The idea of starting a clubnight is a rather simple execution nowadays.  Any teenager with a laptop, a large iTunes collection of torrents can say they're a DJ, even though their claim destroys the definition of the term.  So long as you have friends, a Facebook account, an overdraft to procure initial costs and patience, you'll be sorted.  Here's how:

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