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Vince Grant - My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me EP Review

In a deep exploration of his own depression, Vince Grant has created his debut EP, fittingly called My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me. However, he hasn't just recorded his own coping mechanism, this is a really enjoyable listen for anybody who enjoys the likes of REM and Manic Street Preachers.

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Bonobo - The North Borders Review


As per usual for UK electronic artist Bonobo, The North Borders starts off extremely well. 'First Fires' punctuates a beautifully understated vocal performance from Grey Reverend with submerged synth droplets and fleeting, glacial, ASMR inducing pads -- all enhanced by a confident and generous allowance for negative space that seems to only come with experience. In terms of perfect intros, it almost stacks up to the double barrelled future classic of Prelude/Kiara from 2010's Black Sands. Unfortunately, in this case there isn't a whole lot of interest that follows.


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The Bronx - The Bronx IV Review

The Bronx’s sound has always been as close to the Platonic form of the rock n’ roll spirit as you can get; the perfect accompaniment to drinking, driving off ramps, gambling, mainlining coke, filibustering, tattooing yourself, shooting the most phallic of guns, fist-fighting and fucking, all at the same time (but maybe not with the same person for those last two).

With their fourth eponymous LP and first release in five years, the L.A punks have made a push towards more melodic territory, without compromising on their totally unique character.

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