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The Future Of The Walking Dead Is Bleak And Full Of Shock Value Over Story

The Walking Dead returned for its seventh season premiere – and much like the taste of Marmite, it has divided the planet on whether it was a good episode or not.

Well, you can put me in the “not good” category because not only the televisual equivalent of being slowly dragged through broken glass, it pretty much guarantees that the screenwriters have waved a fond farewell to meaningful stories in favour of shock value.

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Watch All The Trailers From San Diego Comic Con 2016

When it comes to trailers that send geeks like me into meltdown, San Diego Comic Con is the time and place to get them. So sit back and enjoy all the 2016 trailers in once place.

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'Star Wars Rebels' New Animated Series For 2014

Production has now begun on Star Wars Rebels, an animated TV series due to premiere on Disney Channel next year. The programme will be set between the events of Episode III and IV of the Star Wars series, a gap of almost twenty years with plenty of scope for excitement and adventure - though of course, the details are all very hush-hush.

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The IT Crowd Is Returning For One Final Episode

Beloved British nerd comedy The IT Crowd is returning for a 40 minute grand finale. Moss, Roy, Jen, and Douglas will reprise their roles in this one-off episode.

The episode, which has been writer/director Graham Linehan's primary talking point since his tweet in 2012, is due to start filming in a few weeks time; but there is no information as to when we can expect it on air.

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An Interview With Jack Olesker: The Writer Of Power Rangers

Power Rangers was a personal favourite Saturday morning show from the days of my youth; but the works of Jack Olesker have had a significant impact on practically everyone who had a childhood in the eighties and nineties.

From writing murder mysteries to The Care Bears his portfolio is rather diverse, becoming part of the paradigm shift in children's TV in the final decade of the 20th century.  In a classic story of chasing 'The American Dream,' Olesker went on to become a key figure in the TV industry, and has recently launched a Kickstarter project to fund his latest creation: ZTV The Zombie Network.

With a taste for horror, a fascinating career epitomised by the boom in children's TV, and his feet placed firmly on the ground alongside his fanbase.  We speak to Jack about his big breakout into the screenwriting business, the career spanning nearly 3 decades, and his plans with ZTV.

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'ZTV - The Zombie Network.' Creator Of 'Power Rangers' Kickstarts new TV Show

The Zombie Apocalypse is all but played out in modern media; but even we were curious to find out about an undead blend of 'The Walking Dead' and '30 Rock,' created by the mind behind popular 90s children's show 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.'  TV Sitcom 'ZTV - The Zombie Network' looks to fill this void, pledging to Kickstarter for funding.

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8-Foot Tall Boxing Robots Take To The Ring In New SyFy Show

A fan of Robot Wars as a kid? Syfy might have you covered. According to Entertainment Weekly, US cable TV channel SyFy has already green-lit and shot the entire first season of a new show entitled 'Robot Combat League' in which eight-foot-tall humanoid robots battle it out in the ring until one is 'defeated'. Presumably meaning when all that is left in the ring is a pile of contorted metal, electronic innards and pools of hydraulic fluid...

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Channel 4 Redefines The "Super Human" In Paralympic Campaign

As children we read about them in comic books, collected figurines and watched the latest Hollywood blockbusters with actors clambering to portray them. But in recent weeks it seems Channel 4 have royally re-designed our perception of a “Super Human,” giving the athletes of the Paralympic games their time in the limelight.


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