FADES' Self-Titled EP Brings Alt Rock Sound For Fans Of Royal Blood And Queens Of The Stone Age

Alternative rock is a difficult genre to get into, and London quintet FADES hope to make a statement with their punchy new self-titled EP, set for release on March 11th. We were lucky to get an early listen, to answer a simple question: does this stand a chance of at least appearing on the radar?

In short, yes and then some.

Opening with the single 'Breaking Through The Walls,' FADES are quick to introduce you to their strong sound, in a very Queens of the Stone Age-esque way. You can listen to this yourself below. My only critique would be the vocal style doesn't match up with the ferocity of the instrumentation at times. But all in all, this is a great way to kick off an EP.

Without spoiling the remainder of the EP through meticulous (and somewhat nerdy) analysis, let's keep things brief. You will be taken on a journey through many different soundscapes, from the slow stoner pace of Royal Blood to an almost Muse-like atmosphere. With the combination of crunchy guitars and elegant melodies, FADES has created a really enjoyable record, that you must listen to when it's released at Proud Camden.