Japanese Company Invents Wearable Chair

Sore feet from walking around? A Japanese company has an answer in the form of a wearable chair. We should thank Japan for a lot of things, but we salute them for this idea. 

If you're feeling obliged to stand for way too long around the water cooler while your office colleague talks about his/her latest stories, this is perfect for you. But they are going for a target audience that needs it more: surgeons doing long procedures. This pair of attachable leg braces can support your upper body weight and allow you to sit in a near-standing position.

Called the Archelis, this lifesaver is a joint effort from Japan Polymer TechChiba UniversityNitto, a mold factory in Yokohama, and breakthrough 3D design firm Hiroaki Nishimura Design.

Simply strap it on over your legs and clothing, adjust for comfort, and the 3D-printed parts get to work. The seat part rests just below the posterior (your bum) and wraps around the legs to a base at the feet, creating a chair-like support out of your legs without relying upon your muscles at all.

The company is hoping to make this a real thing in summer. But until then we will dream of all the scenarios we can use this in. Bumping into long-avoided family members in public, waiting in line at the bank, the list is endless.